In-Office Liposuction
New Haven Enjoy a Slimmer Look Without the Cost of a Hospital Visit

In-Office Liposuction

How It Works

In-Office Liposuction

Liposuction at Dr. Reilly’s office is very similar to liposuction done in a hospital setting. Dr. Reilly will meet with you before the surgery to talk about your goals and perform an exam to make sure this procedure is right for you. He’ll provide a tremendous amount of information and also offer other options for treatment if appropriate, so you will get the best results possible.

On the day of the procedure, you’ll come to Dr. Reilly’s office driven by a friend or family member, as medications are prescribed to reduce any anxiety regarding the procedure. Using his skill and experience, Dr. Reilly will make sure you are comfortable during the procedure by injecting local anesthesia into the areas to be treated. Soft lighting and music help make the procedure comfortable for you. He will then carefully remove fat from the areas you targeted. Any fat cells he removes will not return. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll return home with detailed instructions and pain medication if needed.

Before you go home, Dr. Reilly will make sure you fully understand how to take care of yourself after the procedure. Your results will be immediate and will improve over the following weeks.

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I have nothing but positive things to say about my lipo experience with Dr. Reilly and his team! The entire staff is welcoming and accommodating, and Dr. Reilly did a great job with my procedure. Highly recommend! ct0931

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In-Office Liposuction

Dr. Reilly received an Honors diploma in medical school and completed his General Surgery training at the Hospital of Saint Raphael in New Haven, CT. He also trained at Yale New Haven Hospital.

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In-Office Liposuction

Dr. Reilly received an Honors diploma in medical school and completed his General Surgery training at the Hospital of Saint Raphael in New Haven, CT. He also trained at Yale New Haven Hospital.


  • All the benefits of hospital liposuction
  • A shorter procedure
  • Less hassle and inconvenience
  • Less expense
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I can not explain how happy I am with the results of my breast augmentation. I went in expecting them to look good but had no idea the amount of confidence it would give me!

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Why You Should Choose Dr. Reilly

Personalized care in Shelton, CT

The skill and experience of the surgeon matter when it comes to any form of liposuction, especially in-office liposuction. You want to make sure you’re putting your results in the hands of a surgeon who has years of experience. You also want to make sure you work with a doctor who will be understanding and responsive.

Dr. Reilly is that doctor. He has decades of experience and can use liposuction to remove fat from nearly any part of the body – everywhere from the neck, and chin to the waist, hips, calves, and beyond! He’ll meet with you personally for each pre-op and post-op appointment to make sure that he understands just what you want and that your recovery is proceeding just as it should.


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  • What are the advantages of in-office liposuction?

    Opting for an in-office liposuction conveys several advantages. First, the procedure is often less expensive; patients can save up to $2,000 versus the cost of an in-hospital procedure. You also don’t have to worry about all the hassles of going to the hospital for your surgery. Plus, since in-office liposuction usually only requires local anesthetic, you don’t have to deal with the restrictions of going under general anesthesia, such as not eating before your surgery.

  • How long will the procedure be? How long will I have to stay after it’s done?

    The procedure usually takes about an hour and a half, and usually you can leave about half an hour after the procedure is done. Depending on the size of the area it could be from a few days to a week for most patients.

  • Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t have an in-office liposuction?

    If you are looking to combine procedures (like a tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift, or lower body lift), you might be better served with an in-hospital liposuction. These types of procedures are longer and more complicated, and you may require general anesthesia for them. You might also have certain health conditions that make an in-hospital liposuction more advisable. Rest assured that Dr. Reilly will go over everything with you and help you make the right decision for your goals and health.

  • Where can I get more information on liposuction in general?

    Visit our Liposuction page for more information on this procedure. You should also feel free to ask Dr. Reilly any questions you have on the day of your consultation. Answering questions is what he’s here for!

  • How Much Does In Office Liposuction Cost?

    The cost of an in office liposuction procedure varies from patient to patient depending on their unique aesthetic goals. When you come in for your consultation, we will perform an assessment of your body and discuss your goals to determine your treatment plan. Once your plan has been customized, we will discuss the cost of your in office liposuction procedure.

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In office liposuction is a safe, effective, and less expensive cosmetic procedure that can help you achieve the body of your dreams. If you’re interested in learning more about the procedure contact us today to schedule a consultation in our Shelton, CT office. You can also call us at (203) 924-2900 to schedule an appointment.


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