Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

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Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Getting a curvier posterior without implants is amazing, but Brazilian butt lift recovery is not often given enough consideration. There’s a lot that goes into making sure that patients have the most comfortable recovery experience possible. Patients can get in touch with John Reilly, M.D., to learn more about Brazilian butt lift recovery in Shelton.

What to Expect During Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Over the next few days following the procedure, patients can expect some bruising, tenderness, and swelling. These will gradually fade as they go through the Brazilian butt lift recovery period, but the rate can be accelerated or slowed down depending on several factors.

Before patients are allowed to go home, they will be provided with instructions and a few items. The first is a compression garment, which patients will need to wear to help reduce the swelling in the affected areas. There could also be instances of fluid draining, but this is completely normal and should stop after the first few days. If the drainage doesn’t stop after the first week, patients are advised to have it checked.


How Long Is the Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Period?

Thanks to the fact that no large incisions or implants are involved, the Brazilian butt lift recovery period is fairly short. Patients should be able to start moving around for brief periods of time after two days and can return to work after a week or two. However, there will still be follow-ups that will be needed for monitoring over the next eight weeks.


What to Avoid During Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

To make sure that the Brazilian butt lift recovery period goes smoothly, patients need to avoid certain actions that could interfere with the healing process. They should avoid sitting down in a manner that puts direct pressure on the affected area for two to three weeks.

For that same period of time, patients should also sleep on their front and not on their backs. There should be no strenuous or high-impact activities for six weeks, as well. Patients will have upwards of two weeks of the Brazilian butt lift recovery before they can return to work.


Following Instructions

Before patients are sent home, they are given instructions that they need to follow. This applies to how to wear compression garments, how to sit properly, and how to take their medication. To ensure rapid recovery, patients should stick to all recommendations they are given.


Preparing Healthy Meals Ahead of Time

Patients should prepare meals ahead of time to make the first week of recovery as stress-free as possible. This will ensure that patients give their bodies the nutrients needed to heal properly.

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