Thigh Lift

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Reshape Your Upper Thighs and Bring Out Those Short-Shorts!

Thigh Lift

Reshape Your Upper Thighs and Bring Out Those Short-Shorts!

Maybe you’ve worked hard to lose a lot of weight. Perhaps you’ve just been getting older. In any case, your thighs aren’t looking the way you want them to. You’d love to show off your body with skintight clothing, a bathing suit, or maybe short-shorts or a miniskirt, but with those thigh bulges and rolls, it’s just not possible.

But you don’t have to consign those clothes to the back of your closet forever. A thigh lift could be just what you need to improve your confidence and help you show off your body. This procedure can reduce fat bulges, smooth loose skin, and give you leaner, more toned thighs!

How It Works

Thigh Lift

First, you’ll have a detailed consultation with Dr. Reilly to explain your goals and what kinds of results you want to achieve. Dr. Reilly may suggest that you receive other procedures during your thigh lift, such as liposuction to remove unwanted fat or a Brazilian butt lift to turn unwanted thigh fat into a firmer, rounder derriere. He’ll also recommend whether you need a medial (inner thigh) or lateral (outer thigh) lift.

Your surgery will begin with Dr. Reilly giving you a general anesthetic. As soon as you’re comfortable, Dr. Reilly will remove unwanted fat and excess skin. Then, he’ll carefully drape the skin around your muscles so that you get a toned look and no more rolls or bulges.

Once you’re ready, he’ll send you home with a detailed care plan. You’ll be able to show off leaner, toned, and smooth thighs as soon as your recovery from the surgery is complete!

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Would highly recommend to everyone. Clean environment & very friendly staff. Fantastic experience overall with incredible results. N.N.

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Thigh Lift

Dr. Reilly received an Honors diploma in medical school and completed his General Surgery training at the Hospital of Saint Raphael in New Haven, CT. He also trained at Yale New Haven Hospital.

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Thigh Lift

Dr. Reilly received an Honors diploma in medical school and completed his General Surgery training at the Hospital of Saint Raphael in New Haven, CT. He also trained at Yale New Haven Hospital.


  • Removal of extra skin
  • Removal of fat on your thighs
  • No more rubbing together of thighs
  • Reshaping of your thighs
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I can not explain how happy I am with the results of my breast augmentation. I went in expecting them to look good but had no idea the amount of confidence it would give me!

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Why You Should Choose Dr. Reilly

Personalized care in Shelton, CT

You’re getting a thigh lift because you want to improve your self-confidence and show off the body you worked hard to earn. In order to achieve all this, you need to work with an experienced plastic surgeon who will have a personal stake in your results and recovery.

That’s why it just makes sense to work with Dr. Reilly. He has decades of experience and has helped countless patients get the results they want. He understands how to shape and drape the skin around the thighs to give you the profile and results you want. Less experienced surgeons might not be able to do this, leaving you with results that are less than what you wanted, or, worse, unnatural looking.

Just as importantly, Dr. Reilly is there for you every step of the way. Other plastic surgeons only meet with their patients for their consultation and surgery. Dr. Reilly is there for every pre-op and post-op appointment. He’ll even give you his cell, so you can call if you ever have a question. He’ll be on hand, personally, to make sure you get to enjoy your results!

Learn more about the difference that John Reilly, M.D. can make for the appearance of your thighs and the way you feel about them. Call today to schedule an appointment or fill in the form on this page!

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  • How do I know if I’m a candidate for the procedure?

    If you find yourself opting for longer skirts or not wanting to wear a bathing suit because of fat rolls and bulges on your thighs, a thigh lift could be for you. You should already be at your target weight and be prepared to stay there for as long as possible. Dr. Reilly can discuss with you whether this procedure is the right option or if you can get even better results by combining it with other procedures.

  • Will this procedure leave scars?

    Dr. Reilly will have to make incisions, so yes, the procedure will leave scars. Rest assured that the scars will be as small as possible and discreetly placed. You’ll be able to wear short-shorts, miniskirts, and other revealing clothing with no problem!

  • Where will the scars be?

    The placement of the scars will depend on whether you’re getting a medial (inner) or lateral (outer) thigh lift. If you’re receiving a medial thigh lift, this incision will be in the inner thigh; if you’re receiving a lateral thigh lift, it will be in the groin/pubic area.

  • What’s the recovery like after the surgery?

    You’ll get a detailed recovery plan that lets you know exactly how you should take care of yourself after the surgery. Dr. Reilly will also share his “tips and tricks” for a faster, smoother recovery. You should be able to shower about a day after your surgery, and you should be able to return to work in about ten days (though you may need longer if your job is very physical).

  • How much will the surgery cost?

    Because each surgery is tailored to the patient’s individual goals, costs vary from patient to patient. Factors that determine the cost include the degree of correction required to achieve your desired appearance and the overall complexity of the procedure. You can discuss the cost with Dr. Reilly’s caring staff at your initial consultation. Rest assured that there are many payment and financing options available.

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