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Facelift FAQ

The decision to undergo facelift surgery is a major one, and if you are like most patients, you have many questions. Dr. John Reilly is an impeccably trained and skilled plastic surgeon in New Haven who highly values patient education. He has provided answers to the following facelift FAQ to help patients start their research into surgical facial rejuvenation.

  • What Should I Expect During a Facelift Consultation?

    During the consultation for a facelift procedure, Dr. Reilly will ask you about the reasons that have motivated you to consider facial plastic surgery. He will also evaluate your facial anatomy, overall physical health, and full medical history. You’ll need to provide complete information regarding all supplements or medications that you take. A series of photographs of your face will be taken for reference, as well.

    It is important for you to have realistic expectations when making the decision to have facelift surgery. There are range of options for facial rejuvenation, and Dr. Reilly’s vast experience will guide you in the right direction.

  • Is Facelift Surgery Right for Me?

    If you are in good general health and are bothered by advanced signs of facial aging, then surgical facial rejuvenation is likely the best treatment option. A facelift can be the ideal solution for cosmetic concerns like:

    • Drooping skin along the jawline (jowls)
    • Sagging cheeks
    • Deep folds and creases in the lower and mid-face
    • Areas of noticeable skin laxity
  • Where Will the Doctor Perform My Facelift Surgery?

    Dr. Reilly performs all surgeries in a hospital setting to maximize safety. The doctor has surgical privileges at seven local hospitals to serve New Haven and nearby communities.

  • What Is Recovery Like After a Facelift Procedure?

    The recovery time needed after a facelift differs for each case, depending on the scope of the surgery and the patient themselves. All facial plastic surgery procedures will involve some degree of bruising, swelling and tenderness.

    Patients should plan several full days of rest following their procedure even if they are not experiencing discomfort. Resting is important and will allow your body to use metabolic resources to aid the healing process. Patients who smoke will be required to abstain entirely during the full recovery period.

  • Will I have Scars After Facelift Surgery?

    Any surgical procedure that involves making incisions also results in scar tissue. However, Dr. Reilly makes very fine incision lines and places them discreetly either within the patient’s hairline or under the chin.

  • What Does Facelift Surgery Cost?
    Facelift surgery is a highly customized procedure, and the cost is impacted by the surgical techniques used. At your consultation, Dr. Reilly will provide a detailed treatment plan that will include price information, and our knowledgeable office staff can guide you through available payment and financing options.

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To get answers to any inquiries not included in this facelift FAQ and to benefit from a one-on-one consultation with a trusted and knowledgeable provider of facelift surgery in New Haven, reach out to our office today.


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