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First, you’ll have a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Reilly. He will learn about your goals and determine if you have any breathing issues that can be corrected by the surgery. He’ll also use photos and computer modeling to preview what your new nose is likely to look like, so you know exactly what the results will be and can make an informed decision.

When the day of your surgery comes, you’ll be anesthetized in whatever way you and Dr. Reilly decided is appropriate. Dr. Reilly will then carefully sculpt the bone and cartilage of your nose to produce the desired effects. Very subtle changes here can have dramatic effects on your outward appearance. Dr. Reilly will also correct any abnormalities that may cause breathing difficulties, such as a deviated septum.

As soon as you wake up and are ready, he will then provide you with detailed instructions for aftercare and send you home to heal. Once the healing period is complete, you’ll be able to show off your new nose to everyone!

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Dr. Reilly explained everything to me in great detail. This was my first time having the type of procedure and he made sure that I was comfortable and understood what he was going to do. He even checked up on me a few days later. I am very happy with the results and I would highly recommend him to family and friends. m turpin

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Dr. Reilly received an Honors diploma in medical school and completed his General Surgery training at the Hospital of Saint Raphael in New Haven, CT. He also trained at Yale New Haven Hospital.

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Dr. Reilly received an Honors diploma in medical school and completed his General Surgery training at the Hospital of Saint Raphael in New Haven, CT. He also trained at Yale New Haven Hospital.


  • A thinner or shorter nose
  • A smoother nose
  • Narrower nostrils
  • A new position for your bones and cartilage
  • Easier breathing
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I can not explain how happy I am with the results of my breast augmentation. I went in expecting them to look good but had no idea the amount of confidence it would give me!

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Why You Should Choose Dr. Reilly

Personalized care in Shelton, CT

Every time you look in the mirror, you’ll be seeing the results of your rhinoplasty. The last thing you want to look at is an unnatural-looking result that you might get from a surgeon without the right experience. It only makes sense to choose a surgeon who has the experience, compassion, and commitment to get you the results you want.

Dr. Reilly has all three. First of all, he has been working as a plastic surgeon for decades and has performed hundreds of rhinoplasties. He knows just how important your surgery is to you. He also has the keen eye and careful experience that allow him to make the subtle changes that will result in the look you want.

Dr. Reilly is also committed to making sure the entire process works as intended. He’ll meet with you for every single appointment, not just the consultation and surgery. Many plastic surgeons don’t this. Because Dr. Reilly does, he can monitor your progress and recovery to make sure your nose looks just the way you want it to. He’ll even give you his cell phone number, so you can call if you have any questions while you recover.

It’s for these reasons and many others that many in Shelton, CT choose John Reilly, M.D. for their rhinoplasties. See how his experience can make the difference for you! Fill out the form or call the office to request a consultation today.


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  • How do I know if I’m a candidate for the procedure?

    People who aren’t happy with their noses are generally good candidates for rhinoplasty. If you have a bump on your nose, a nose that looks too large for your face, a tip that looks too large or points downward, or nostrils that appear too wide, a rhinoplasty is definitely worth considering. Dr. Reilly can give you an exam and explain during your consultation what a rhinoplasty could do for you.

  • Will this procedure leave scars?

    There will be scarring, but any scars left behind are not likely to be noticeable. Dr. Reilly can create incisions inside the nostrils, which means any scars will be completely hidden from view. If it’s necessary to make incisions on the outside of your nose, Dr. Reilly will make them as small and discreet as possible and use advanced techniques to make any scars nearly invisible once they’ve healed.

  • What’s the recovery like after the surgery?

    Dr. Reilly will provide you with a detailed care plan that will tell you exactly what you should do as you recover. He’ll also make sure you know all the “tips and tricks” that can lead to a better, faster recovery. While you should take it easy for a few days after the surgery, you should be able to return to desk work a week after your surgery.

  • How much will the surgery cost?

    Because each surgery is tailored to the patient’s individual goals, costs vary from patient to patient. You can discuss the cost with Dr. Reilly’s caring staff at your initial consultation. Rest assured that there are many payment and financing options available. Furthermore, if your rhinoplasty is necessary to correct breathing problems, it may be fully or partially covered by insurance.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. You can also call us at (203) 924-2900 to schedule an appointment.


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