An extended abdominoplasty differs from a standard tummy tuck in that the procedure typically tightens excess skin extending around the waist and into the flanks, rather than simply addressing loose skin in the abdomen. This procedure is typically performed on patients after massive weight loss, or those who have undergone surgery to treat obesity, targeting large folds of sagging skin and fat that exercise and diet alone cannot address.

Though the procedure may seem similar to a body lift, the extended abdominoplasty differs in that a body lift focuses on the buttocks or outer thighs of the patient rather than the tummy, waist, and flanks.

An extended abdominoplasty, then, is sometimes referred to a near-circumferential surgery because an incision is made across the abdomen extends around the back—circling around the waist—so all problem areas may be taken care of at the same time.

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Dr. Reilly and his staff understand the psychological factors behind any plastic surgery procedure, including extended abdominoplasties and those designed to help patients who have struggled with weight loss. Each and every patient seen at our practice is treated with the care and compassion they deserve. Let us help you decide if an extended abdominoplasty, or extended tummy tuck, is right for you.

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