Plastic surgery can give you a look that satisfies your aesthetic needs, from getting a firmer stomach, bigger breasts, or a more toned butt. After a procedure, there will likely be discomfort and a few inconveniences, but these can easily be managed with proper recovery practices. Here are our top 10 post-op plastic surgery care pointers.

#1. Read Up on Post-Op Materials

Surgeons often prepare pre-op booklets you can read before the procedure to get ready for recovery. You can review these materials during the initial consultation to help you formulate questions for your surgeon.

#2. Stock Up on Necessities in Advance

The ultimate goal of preparing for your recovery period is to avoid scrambling after going home from the surgery. You should have everything you need at home, from the food you need for at least a week to your medications. The last thing you need is to risk driving to the nearest supermarket or pharmacy to get what you need.

#3. Pay Close Attention to the Doctor’s Instructions

Your recovery process and the risk of complications depend on how closely you follow the doctor’s post-operative instructions. Do not hesitate to ask for clarifications during the consultation to ensure a smooth recovery.

#4. Prepare Your Support System

Aside from getting someone to drive you home from the facility after the surgery, it will be best to have someone help with childcare/pet care and help you around the house for at least a week. You may need assistance with something as simple as getting out of bed. Moving about might be extremely difficult if you feel especially sore in the first few days after the procedure.

#5. Create a Meal Plan

The best way to ensure a healthy diet is to make a meal plan and prepare your food beforehand. Choose calorie-rich nutritious foods to help in your post-op surgery care.

#6. Choose the Right Outfit

The clothes you wear on the day of the surgery can affect the degree of comfort you will feel after the procedure. For instance, you should wear a top or dress with buttons in front after breast surgery as part of your post-op plastic surgery care; this will allow you to avoid raising your arms.

#7. Rest, but Walk Around for Circulation

You should take your downtime seriously and rest as much as possible after your plastic surgery in New Haven. However, this does not mean you should lie in bed all day. You should try to move around, like wiggling your ankles or bending your knees to your chest whenever possible. You should also start walking around for better blood circulation.

#8. Don’t Be Embarrassed to Keep Asking If Things Are Normal or Not

It’s perfectly normal to worry over about small things and wonder whether something happening to your body is normal during plastic surgery recovery. That is why it helps to pick a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable asking “embarrassing” questions.

#9. Avoid Overexertion

Wait for your doctor’s clearance before lifting heavy things or doing strenuous workouts. You must take some downtime as part of proper post-op plastic surgery care, since it gives your body time to heal. Overexerting yourself may impede your incisions’ ability to heal.

#10. Avoid Overexposure to the Sun

Reduce sun exposure to avoid additional damage to your skin as you recover. If you go out, make sure to wear sunblock and clothing that will protect you from the sun.

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